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My Landscape Love

& Construction Inc. 


My Landscape Love & Construction Inc. provides a modern and earthy aesthetic to the world of construction, landscape, hardscape and everything in between.  MLL&C Inc. offers services such as Construction, Hardscape, and Landscape including but not limited to; custom BBQs, custom benches, fire pits, pool decks, driveways, water falls, fountains, patios, stucco, planters, exterior & interior landscape designing, flagstone, home remodeling, painting, low voltage garden lights, planting, decks, custom tile, custom fencing, and etc.

Our Team


Francisco Orozco

Francisco Orozco created MLL&C Inc. 25 years ago to bridge the gap between a missing modern and earthy element to the construction, landscape and hardscape profession.  He has made it his life long goal to provide perfection, elegance, and the utmost professionalism to his passion of construction, landscape, and hardscape.


Contractor License #: 1085455

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